observer (lunchmeatjedi) wrote in bmxbandits,

Okay, okay, I have some stuff too.

I've gotten a bit better since I last posted... but no tailwhips or barspins for me yet :)

Quictime vids. They're all short. Give them a bit of time to load. They were all shot with video mode on my digital camera, so the quality and sound isn't good. Only one of these clips/pictures are in NYC. The rest were around where I live, in Mississippi.

Yes, this is at the banks.. This guy just so happened to be riding NYC for the first time as well, and he was visiting from Connecticut. Yes, he landed that whip and the rest of the tricks.

And besides running into a few random good NYC riders, when we visited Philly again... who else did we see? None other than mother fucking Tom White and Dave Belcher. Tom White's hops and Dave's halfcab whips are a spectacle to see in person, trust me. Both really nice guys in person.
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