Pete (bizzybop) wrote in bmxbandits,

hey my name is pete. im 17 and i want to get back into bmx. i use to ride all the time but my bike got stolen and i got a car so i kinda stopped, but im looking for a new bike, a starter bike around $200-400 i was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions. i need a bike for street riding.
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you can browse around Ebay and usually find some killer deal on some slightly older models.
as for new, you can check out some of the stolen completes. I believe the stolen heist is in your price range.
I think its gonna be difficult to find somthin for that prise. I think u have to spend at least 600-700, for a good bike!
You can probably get a really good Hoffman for around 400. They've always been the most legit company with complete bikes as far as price and quality.
screw it im just gonna get a nice bike