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my boyfriends IS non stop bmx.
any good xmas gift idea?
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What does he ride? Street? Dirt? Park? Flatland? Race?
Does he need anything for his bike that you know of?
Does he have some part on his bike that gives him endless hassle?

Really, anything more descriptive than "non stop bmx" would be good.
i meant non stop because he does it all
and there is obviously nothing he needs because i would have already gotten it for him
OK, so then it is safe to assume that he has a brand new and perfictly tuned street bike, dirt bike, park bike, flatland bike, amd race bike with all the safety gear needed. Because your first statement didn't tell me that or anything else apart from "non stop bmx".

And you wonder why I was confused...

I mean if it's obvious that he doesn't need anything, how about some BMX DVDs or a gift certificate to his favorite bike shop or skate park? Oh, wait. That's something.
thanks for that...youre a really cool cool guy. pfff
Look, I'm only working with what you give me. I ask a directed question to give you better advice and you respond with snarkiness and no useful information.

Seriously, what am I supposed to do? Be a mind reader too? If you want good advice, try telling us something other than the most basic of generalities. If you don't care what you give him, that's your thing, but don't try to say I didn't offer to help.

It's like if I asked you what I should give my mom because you're a girl too and all you girls know what the other girls like and no background information is needed at all for you to tell the what the best gift ever is.

Just saying...
Subscription to BMX Plus!

(that is one thing you shouldn't get him)